I have been reading the forum for few weeks and got some really good information. I have played guitar for about 11 months, but without a amp of my own. So far I used a old Russian gramophone with 2 ss30, yep the sound is awful. The problem is that I don't know anything about amps and I live in Estonia so unfortunately I can't order from most of the online shops. I know that there are already a lot of topics about what amp to buy, but I'll make one more
I mostly play metal/rock... Pantera, Dry Kill Logic, Metallica and so on... The amp is more for practice, but it should be loud enough to play in a band rehearsal.
I own a Yamaha Pacifica 012 guitar that i bought last year and a ZOOM 505II .
My budget is about 200-320$

Amps that are 100% available:
vox PATHFINDER 15R - 280$
vox AD 15VT - 260$
vox AD 30VT - 310$
SPIDER II 15 255$
SPIDER II 30 320$

And I can order from this site , it has quite a lot of amps. The number next to the model name is the price in EEK's the Estonian currency 1$ = 12.2 EEK. That number shouldn't exceed 4000, I can afford few 100 more if it gets me a better amp. That?s all for now, I hope someone has time to help me.

I fixed the link, now the amps are listed according to their price, so go to the 3. page and keep going its gets more expensive with every page.
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no Roland Cubes? they'll probably do better than than the Voxs for what you listed. And everyone on here prettymuch hates the Spiders.
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I just bought a Create FTX65 with DSP...it is an amazing amp for the price, you should check it out


No its not.

Get the roland cube. they sell it on that site and its the best for what you listed.

If you cant get it, then i guess the vox would be the next best option.
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dont buy an amp, amps are just stupid.

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no Roland Cubes? they'll probably do better than than the Voxs for what you listed. And everyone on here prettymuch hates the Spiders.

I fixed the link, now you can browse easily just go to 3rd page and on from there Cube is there.
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The amp you need for practice and rehearsal, in the style of music you play, you are going to need about 60 watts. The cube15 and cube30 are nice amps but with only 30 watts you are going to be pushing the amp hard in rehearsal playing with other instruments esp with a heavy footed drummer. The amps I would recommend would exceed your price limit of about 100 to 200 more to about 4200. The newer crates are decent and so is peavey. I have used crate gt65 and peavey transtube express 112. The fender FM65 series is a good amp. Basically in your price range you want to get the most watts and biggest speaker that you can afford, to get a decent sound. Most amps with speakers smaller then 12 inches esp 10 inches or smaller have a real thin, tinny sound. Good look in your search.

that amp u called great... VERY EASY TO PICK UP!!!

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Out of the amps available, the Vox AD30VT will be the best option. Although, if possible, a Roland Cube 30 would be an even better choice.
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