im thinking about emg81/85

any feedback or other suggestions

i play slipknot/ korn/ disturbed/ between the buried and me
Ibanez man you push those Tremonti pups on everyone im going to have to go try some and see what the buzz is lol.

But on topic I say just save it for a better rig EMGs will not be at there full potential without a good tube amp
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Please try them. You'll never go back....they're amazing. Brought new life, and tone to my recto! Evened out everything I disliked about the tone (meaning it was coming from the JB).

High output, quiet, responsive, well rounded in tone, yet warm, and really push out some very nice cleans too!
Doubt they can be much more than the $100 for EMG's.

About those Trmonti's they dont seem too metal to me, are you shure they would sound as dark/heavy for metal?
Get Seymour Duncan invaders

EMGs are nice really nice but they are better for older forms of metal that had more treble and less mids.

For Disturbed and stuff you will want a Seymour Duncan invader. It has an absolutely massive bottom end and the power chords shake the floor. It also looks cool.