hey, Every time i play solos i end up playing the pentatonic minor, its like an automatic thing. I want to start playing different modes and move out of the pentatonic. Its just that playing the pentatonic scales is so much more natural for me. Anybody have any tips?
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It's impossible to just throw scales at you because it all depends on what you're
playing to -- ie the chord progression.

However, if you start following the chord changes more, you can start adding in
chord tones that aren't found in the pentatonic. That's one of the first steps
you need to take before you'd be able to use a diatonic scale very well. You'll
eventually see that pentatonics, chord tones, arpeggio's and other things are
all imbedded in scales.
i was just wondering what chords go with pentatonic scales?
Well, it's really pretty much any chord.

First off all, there are LOTS of pentatonic scales. It really just means 5 note scales
of which you can construct many.

I assume you mean maj/min pent.

In actualility they are just subsets of diatonic scales.

A Maj Pent will tend to go well over a major chord.
A Min Pent over a minor chord.

However, that's not always true. Take a look at a standard maj blues progression.
The I chord is major, yet people often play a pent minor over it. Why does that
work? Well, a good player will know how to use the b3 of the pent minor over
the major chord and/or substitute in the 3 or bend the b3 up to a 3.

So, there's really not a good answer to your question.