Hey I'm going to my friends house for a big house party this Friday and was thinking I might pick up a few popular sing along songs before going. Anyone reccommend any songs that involve plain strumming (I'm not really looking for anything technical because I want to learn a good few by Fri) and that everyone knows?
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i'd say your guitar is out of tune, or you are accidentally muting strings that you aren't trying to, or your right hand isn't strumming at the same time that your left hand is fretting, or you could be reading the tab upside down...
tom petty - free fallin
tom petty - mary jane's last dance
allman brothers - melissa
old crow medicine show - wagon wheel
the eagles - hotel california
fuel - shimmer
alice in chains - rooster
john mellencamp - rock in the usa
john mellencamp - jack and diane
foo fighters - everlong
oasis - wonderwall
extreme - more than words
bob seger - night moves
jack johnson - take your pick... that's not a song i mean pick any song basically

those are the easiest well-known songs i can think of right now (not EVERY jack song is really easy but you could definitely find several). also check out some incubus stuff. it's cool on acoustic. i actually came across an acoustic cover of that fallout boy song, sugar we're goin down, on here somewhere and it was really pretty cool sounding. give some dave matthews band songs a shot also. they aren't necessarily really easy but they are well known and sound good and chicks dig it

EDIT: i just noticed that you have me in your sig, i remember that thread! hahaha
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Razorlight - Somewhere Else. That goes down pretty well down my way.
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Counting Crows- Mr. Jones...one of my fav songs
Oasis- Wonderwall
Howie Day- Collide
ya johnny cash "hurt" is an easy one. actually im gonna play it right now.
-drive it like you stole it

-burn rubber not your soul
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howie day collide is another great one

Yeah, that is a really fun song to play. It's so simple but still, really fun to play

(try confidence(for you I will?) by teddy geiger, that's a good one)
Bush - Glycerine
Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
sweet home alabama - lynyrd skynyrd
used to love her - the saw doctors
the boxer - simon and garfunkle
me and julio: pual simon (for fun)
tiny dancer: elton john (if you want some action that night)