Im looking to upgrade my marhshall 100w valvestate..is it worth getting the TSL or another marshall valve combo. Alternately i was gonna get a Electro Harmonix distortion, eq and preamp valve pedals which would be cheaper...
if you go for a marshall valve combo...i would recomend looking into the JCM800 series...unless youve tried the 2000's and like them...me personally i dont really like how they are voice for more of a modern tone and i prefer the roar of the 800s
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i havent tried the 800s yet, but the tsl is really good for modern and ok for classic, and the jcm 800 is way better for classic, but not voiced for modern. i tried a gibson les paul through a dsl 40, and man i had an eargasm. i have a tsl 60 at home with an american deluxe fat strat and i can get really good punk and classic rock tones, but it lacks alittle gain for metal.
TSL is great for modern and can pull off alot of classic rock too, i really like the TSLs, the footswitchs are the only problem they tend to break easily