I just recorded a new song . its at www.myspace.com/chrisbath24

on friday there is a competition in a venue near me and the prize is a slot at a well known (and huge) festival near me. thing is you can only play a couple songs at the competition - so i got to make some sort of impact. could people give me their opinions on the song? its the first one named Second Smile
Its a pretty good song though the voice is a little shakey. I cant help but think ive heard it all before tho.
well I won't be any help if I am not being honest..

it's kind of boring. it is indeed kind of a cliché melody if you know what I mean. Since singing is the only thing that's really happening, you should use actual melody. And also try more chord changes, it makes really fun-to-listen-to harmony's when you change chords quick. Or you can just put many chord changes in between the lines. Because now, the empty spaces between the lines are really empty and long, nothing's happening.

oke I hope that helped good luck with the contest anyways
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the progression of the chord and arrangement.. try mix and match method.. my suggestion, use different chord then the basic.. if u r using C -> try changing it to other C pattern like major 7.. then consruct again the whole song.. anyway.. u've got some idea there man..

nice vocals dude and sweet song u got there... but a bit too repetetive if u added like a small acoustic solo in there it would definitely spice things up more and im sure people would wanna see some of your guitar skills :P your voice has emotion but its not strong get more air in your lungs...
check mine out kinda has the same feel as yours