how does the Lyre Vibrola tremolo compare to a floyd rose?im thinkin of putting a lyre on my sg, but i might use that money to buy an ibanez with an FR. In your opinion which one sould i get?
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it would be more suited to lighter vibratos and probably wont be suited to do full on divebombs. and depending on which ibanez you get you may get a shoddy trem
Id keep an SG with a hardtail. thats what they are great for. If you want tuning stability put locking tuners on it and it should stay intune better than a Floyd Rose. Those older Gibson style trems are pretty much like a vintage trem on a strat. Unreliable cant go crazy dives or anything on them and go out of tune like a bitch. An ibanez would be a good option or just get a hardtail.
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