Thought I'd try something different for a change ( ) and go for a little acoustic ditty. Let me know what you think.... it lacks punch but I'm thinking of using it as an intro and then blasting out the rest?

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Far as you know, with your prepubescent peach fuzz, a Vagina is that large Asian country with nukes and a space program.

i could tell your british listening to this, your not as bad as others i've heard, but try to round off your high notes a little more, add some girth to it. Otherwise you sound fine.

Yah it does lack the punch, your not mad and deep enough for it. Its a good start, come back soon and post and after one! Good work!
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The vox is freegin awesome.. thanks for the song dude!
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im a big Green day fan,the vox were good,but basket case...slow
???? i dodnt like theg uitar u gotta have tune down distort and fast guitar on this song mate
i am being honest when i say that was very boring... ur voice is good but u kind of have a feminine tone to it which is okay i guess for like an avril lavign song. it would sound cool if u had it way way faster and maybe play it with a full band. nice effort.