I am just after listening to it after I got it burned. WOW, I had forgotten how good the chilis are. Im mostly into classic rock and blues but I do like the chilis. Definetly one of the best modern bands. I think its great how many solos that frusciante gets, there quite good very hendrix like. Its great how guitar music is coming back. Do you get that feeling to, It started when grunge died out, even oasis are experimenting with solos now (Dont get me wrong, i love oasis!). VR, RHCP (The darkness and the white stripes, even though im not a gig fan of either) are carrying on the torch and im just mentioning a few! Anyway what do you think of the album!

another dream
i was taking a shower
and i took my penis off to wash it
but i couldnt figure out how to put it back on
so it ran away- Superunkown
beatiful anecdote