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I know some have probably seen this on tv but I wasn't one of them. So I figured some others might want to see it. Enjoy.
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American Idol - or as I call it, the Gong Show Rip-Off

According to #Yeezuz, Kanye West is a god. As if I needed more reasons to be an atheist.

i was looking for this for a while

i wasnt obviously looking hard enough
Yep, saw it a few years ago. Got a copy of it on DVD with a few other documentaries as well. They're easily downloadable if you join something like dime-a-dozen.
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This is so sad to watch.

seconded. i love this guy.
great documentary.
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Ah, trusty google video, and trusty Liam Alan, cheers.
****... I love that guy, his music is amazing. I can hardly think about him without a solitary tear running down my face