Okay, i'm a damn big noob. I've heard about scales and stuff and they help you with solos but I dont understand how. And what are notes and chords?

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chords are things u play on the geeetar. when i first got my guitar i went to a music shop and got one of those books with a cd to teach how to play guitar. since then i have been teaching myself... so i suggest investing 20 bucks or so in a little tutorial book thing like that.
A note is the sound you get when you play ONE string.
Play more than one note and you get a chord.

My computers kinda slow just now, so I can't find you links to lessons, but thee are plenty on this site.

Click lessons at the top of the page, and then look for what you want on the left.
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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...
Hal Leonard is a good series, but the best thing you could do is get a teacher. It will pay off big time, there's no substitute to someone explaining things to you face to face.
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