Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any experience painting a guitar with artwork, not a solid color or something, and how they finished it. I'm almost done one of my projects and it will soon be time to add the clear coat, I've been experimenting with lacquer on the kind of paint I use and I've had some mixed results. Any help would be great. There are pics on my website www.moikeguitars.com - I am also doing custom pickguards, check out the pickguards section if you're interested. Thanks
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Yeah that's rediculously expensive.

If you look at the pickguards from warmoth.com they range from 22 to 34 bucks...
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these just look like a big scribbly mess. I would pay someone $500 to paint my SG up to look VERY close to "the fool", but those just look stupid and amateurish
Don't apologize Moike. I like your work and your pickguard prices are very fair considering they are original artworks.

Your stuff reminds me of Art Green's paintings. Art Green is a prominent American artist. He was my mentor in art school and his paintings are amazing. You should check him out.

Oil painting by Art Green

I think your P-bass paintjob and the pickguards are very successful. I especially like the process photos.

However, the acoustic paintjob gets somewhat problematic. Not because there is anything wrong with the painting itself (it's quite interesting actually), but more the fact that guitars tend to lend themselves better to crisper designs. Keep up the good work man!

As for your question regarding clearcoating... it will depend on how much texture there is in the painted image. If it's very flat and smooth, you can apply a decent coat of polyurethane and then wet sand/buff it to a shine. The trick is to make sure your clearcoat is thick enough that you can sand it flat/smooth without sanding through and damaging the image. If your image has a lot of texture, it may be better to leave it unfinished. Clearcoating an image with lots of texture will give too much irregular glare and it is almost impossible to buff it flat without applying a ridiculous amount of clearcoat.

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these just look like a big scribbly mess. I would pay someone $500 to paint my SG up to look VERY close to "the fool", but those just look stupid and amateurish

Actually, i quite like them, i just thought they were a bit to expensive.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
Quite cool stuff.
The pickguard surley can't be that expensive to make that it sells at 95 though?
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It's not so much the expense of the materials as much as the value of the artwork. I would imagine it takes a long time to paint such an intricate pattern.

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