i thought this would be the place to ask, since there are so many amazingly dedicated musicians here!

ive been playing guitar for quite a while now
and i need a new guitar
i started off with a basic squire strat but now i need something more advanced
i'm willing to spend £300 or $480
i want something easy to play, for solos, and something durable
i do a lot of trivium, avenged sevenfold etc in my band and a squire strat really isn't for that kind of thing. But i dont want a specifically 'metal' guitar, something with a wider range, for rock n roll and for your average 'emo', powerpop bands.
any ideas people?
everything welcome!

thanks alot,
oh and ive blown my little 15G fender amp, any ideas for something under £100?
a good amp is better than having a good guitar. try to get a more expensive amp arnd a less expensive guitar
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umm for an amp im as lost as you, but for a guitar i would recommend an ESP of some sort. Their LTD models are cheaper and i personally love mine, the active pickups do great for any kind of metal and can do some great lead work. check out their website