Boost your treble, cut the mids, and put bass at about noon. Then play with a pick.
I'd crank up the high mids a bit. But that's just me. My amp is bass-almost 7 not quite 6, low mid-same as bass, middle-3, high mid-10, treble-7 which the bright and deep switches on and it gives me a sound very close to Tool.
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^I was assuming he had a three band EQ. If you've got a 5, or graphic equalizer then boost your high mids a bit, cut the low mids a tad and set your bass in between the mids and treble.
I believe I once read an interview with him in which he said he switched from a Stingray to a Wal because the Wal provides more mids.

So I'd boost high mids, too.
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Like Parabole on Lateralus has such a metallic sound..must be the type of bass, new (thin) strings and the EQ from a high quality amp. Tool Rule