i need advice. right now im flying solo. solo guitarist with a backup singer voice. there are kids at my school who play different gigs like a bass ,drummer and some vocalists i know these kids but not that well any ideas on how to bring a band together or should i just fly one man?
you might want to fly solo cuz then no one else can influence your music. But if you bring a band together then you get a bunch of different ideas coming together, so its your call.
Well for one thing, this is the wrong forum for this post. But..

I'd start out with one of the people you're thinking of, say the vocalist, and talk to him. Ask him if he's interested, see what kind of music he can do, etc etc. With a vocalist and a guitarist, you'd easily pick up the bass player and drummer. Just talk to them.
The band is greater then the sum of its parts

Just remember that. Sure you can fly solo for a while, but usually you'll have more fun if you're with a group of buddies.