The true American song writer is 65 years young today, May 24. Come and join me in hoping for at least 65 more years of Dylan.

Oh, and it's Albert Bouchard's birthday too, but you don't have to worry about that.
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-Stephen Colbert: 'The Colbert Report'
hooray for dylan! i'm actually buying a few of his vinyls soon, greatest hits, highway 61 revisited, and bringing it all back home. $60, is that a good deal?
Happy B-Day to the greatest songwriter in history.
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"i am so proud that by chance i am living in a place that during a territorial divide it got the largest mass of land."

hey texas, nobody cares.
It's not Gustav Holst's birthday until September...

Props to Dylan for showing that those with annoying voices sometimes need to be heard as well as seen.
Buck and Bob share a birthday? Anyway, happy birthday to both of them. It's wierd, as I'm reading this Mr. Tambourine Man is playing on shuffle on my iTunes.
Listen to mah discs.


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