Hey all. I'm getting the next step up from my P.O.S. starter guitar after 3ish years (yeah, I know... sad). Anyway, I've been quite indesicive in my choices thus far, but then I found the Fender '72 Thinline Telecaster. Looks nice and plays well (from what I hear). Does anyone have experience with this guitar, because the only way I could try it before I buy it online is to wait a month+ for Guitar Center to get one (I called and they have none in the area). What'd you think of it if you played it or own one? Also what are some similiarly priced alternatives to this guitar ($700 range) that you'd reccomend. Are the faded Gibson SGs any good? Thanks for any and all input. I'd just hate to have buyers remorse after something so important to me.
Well if you want something like that (semi hollow...sort of) you could check out the Epiphone Sheraton IIs. Epiphone's hollowbodies have got a much better repuatation than their hollow bodies. Worth checking out at least.
Faded Gibson v. Thinline Tele is apples and oranges. What style of music do you play? What sound are you looking for? If you want something that's Tele shaped, you can also look at the offerings from G&L. The Thinline's a great guitar, though. When it comes to Teles, however, I'm a bit of a purist and wouldn't get something with humbuckers. But that's just personal preference.

Umm...their hollowbodies have a better reputation than their hollowbodies? Hmmm seljer. I'm going to call for an edit on that one. But yeah, Sheraton II is a great guitar. A friend of mine has one and it has a nice feel, generates nice tones.
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The Sheraton II isn't really what I'm looking for. And as to my style of music it's more fast bluesy stuff at this point, but I play a good amount of rock stuff as well. Could the Thinline Telecaster crank out a good rock sound in addition to blues? And how are the humbuckers on it? Good sound? I hear the neck is fast and has great playability, so I hope that I've heard correctly. I would only consider the faded SG most likely if there is some drastic reason I shouldn't get the tele for any reason.
how about a Strat? amazing with blues and rock. You could get a used American Strat for $700.
Eh, I would, but it seems like everyone and their uncle has a strat. Basically, I'm looking outside the strat spectrum.
I love teles. They sound twangier than strats, but in a good way, great blues and rock tone (on Led Zeppelin 1, he used a Telecaster)
That was a surprisingly informative post timmypage haha. At first I thought it was just an opinion, but that twang comment DOES help a lot. Still, anyone, whats the sound like on the '72 thinline since it has the humbuckers (they're those Fender ?wide range? hums I believe)? Thanks.
How about a 69' thinline tele. I prefer the tone to the 72', and i think they would play pretty similarly.
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The 69 has single coils as opposed to the 72's hums right? what would be the difference in the sound here?
the 72 thinline is a great guitar with a great sound the only thing i dont like on it is the skinny frets but it blows away the faded sg
For anyone who cares, I got the '72 Thinline Telecaster (and at a great price after talking to a someone who works at the place). Thanks everyone for your input!
Don't have it yet. It's coming by Tuesday (it would come monday, but theres no mail because of Memorial day ) but I'll post when I get it and let everyone know. I got it for only $586 new too as opposed to the regular $690, because I gave zzounds a call
^Congrats, they're nice guitars, I played one, and it sounded really nice, not traditional Tele-like though, but still good.
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How does it play then? Let's see some pics? I have a love/hate thing with teles - I'm sure I'll get one someday though. I do like the thinline.
I'll put up some pics and a breif runthrough of the guitar when I get it on tuesday/wednesday.