Hey, Can anyone help me with the arrangement of my pedals? I have a Digitech Metal Master and a Crybaby - and I'm about to get a Digitech DigiDelay. Whats the best ordering for them, if i have all three plugged in at once? so if you know, fill in the blanks so i dont have to switch them around a million times trying to figure it out.

Amp --- ________ ---_________ --- _________ ---guitar

so... ive got distortion, wah and delay to work with. any help is much appreciated!
Amp --- distortion---delay ---Wah pedal ---guitar

i think , u could try some combos for personal style
yeah i'd say that too, cause the delay has to get all the effects to playback, and the wah just sounds more intense after the distortion, otherwise it would 'choke down' the entire wah sound.

but yeah i think you should experiment with it yourself, maybe you'll like the wah other way around, only you'll be able to know that.
that...and if you get two distortions, use the one you like more after the one you like less(from guitar to amp)...and like gynther flynt, you should expirement your self, but thats most likely the way it will work best...cheers
does your amp have an effects loop? if so put the delay in the loop.
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I prefer the delay after the wah, it sounds wierd having the wah effect the delayed notes too IMO. The delay should echo the same sound as the original note you played, it just sounds off if the wah is mixing that up IMO.

Also the frequency peak has a big effect on the character of the distortion, so it sounds all funky if you put the wah in front of the distortion.
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