This is so over the top I can hardly breathe.
"I'm changing my diaphragm..."
Please God.

She's as exubrent as the Korohna Milk Bar.
But just as lifeless.
Dolled up like some attention-starved Lolita.
"Girl, Im'a make you flow like Niagra."
Girl, I've already came.
You're scary as fuck.

I'm landing this Beautiful Ohio Tour's plane into
her terminal hanger.
And I'm spewing red cum.
It's rotting it off.
She's as quiet as overhead cables humming.
I can't hotwire it at all.
You're too hardcore for both ovaries.
That's enough.
Turn this off.
Poor advice.
wow. Too hardcore for both ovaries? i dont know if i've heard anything that original in a while. Then again i've always enjoyred reading your stuff Stellar_Legs
Genocidal club #3. i was promised respect....

Cuando moría; Vi todo cerca de mí, todo lejos de mí, y todo adentro de mí. El cielo fue abierto, y en oblivio, me olvidé.
Extremely interesting and unorthodox piece. I liked that breathing/diaphram thing in the first part, and the ovary line was unexpectedly funny.

And it's spelled "exuberant" sorry to be a prick.
There is no place else to go
The theater is closed
It was...shocking, but I rather enjoyed it.

BTW, its the KorohVA milk bar, not the Korohna milk bar
Wade in the water, child.