For My Jackson Dinky (See Sig) I have $150 to spend on upgrades, what should I get??

1. EMG-60 ($99): To replace my 85, I want the Hetfield Cleans

2. OFR ($149): I have no Problems with the LFR, I'm just thinking about the upgrade

3. EVH D-tuna ($49): I tune to drop D once fairly often so yeah

4. Tremol-no ($65): Would be handy, but the others appeal to me more.
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the d tuna thing is really needed, i guess it depends how good u are at note recognition but for me i now find its pretty quick to drop D, i wouldnt say it was worth 50 anyways.

personally id go for one and four (even thou ud need to steal an extra 15) coz it sounds like u really want the first pick up most and tremolo arms are just awesome fun
Tremol-No is not a tremolo arm, it is a device that alows you to turn your floating bridge to a fixed in like a second
d-tuna only works on non-floating bridges and they need to be an official version. also you may need to route to fit the ofr and i would say number 4 if your having tuning problems