hello, this isnt a BS thread

I have a Epi Les Paul and its a heavey mofo. My strap keeps falling off aswell and was wondering what straps and/or strap locks u guys use/recomend?
dont care how much as long as it under £30 ($50)

dont dis coz of the lame thread, its just as improtent as the cables

I bought Schaller (sp?) strap-locks for like 15$ canadian so you won't have any problem finding some i your price range.
Personally, I believe that Dimarzio strap locks are the best out there. Dunlop straps are also good, and if I remember, they are around $18 USD. And Dude, that thread title is very misleading...
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I though you ment dildos .

You know those big, long, thick plastic ties that hold kids toys into boxes? They work great if you tie the strap off right above the strap button. I have them olding my strap on :p
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I use Schallers. I think they're the best IMO, and they're like £10 a pair.
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cool thanx guys

BTW i have the best srap in the world for looks....its got real 7.62 sniper rounds straped to it
Why are Schaller's better than the Dunlop? I have Dunlop and they haven't given me any problems.
aww not what i was expecting when i read the title :-(

anyways, i have dunlop strap lockers, IMHO they are the best out there
Strap on dildos..

I gues Jim Dunlop Strap-Lok Retainers

Works like magic and they cost like 1 to 2 bucks
I just use washers, like the DIY type.

Work fine and cost about 10 pence.
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I second Dunlop Strat Lok, or if you can get metal ones that'd be better
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lol, i thought you meant one like this:


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i use plastic ones that cost me £2. they were fine, i don;t see the need to go and spend any more than that really
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Yeah, I use little plastic ones which go over the button, and then twist to lock.

Work great, and are MUCH cheaper
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What about neotech straps? They don't rip your shoulders to pieces and because of the way they distribute the weight, they're said to halve the weight effectively.
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