I just love Korn´s guitar sound.... it´s so..... extremely "low" ........... in most of their musics the guitars sound much more like a bass than that normal agressive distorcion sound that any guitar has. I play Korn but the tuning of my guitar (EADGBE) is just MILES AWAY from that "low sound"..... My question: that kind of sound is a result of some crazy ass tuning and if so can anyone tell what´s the tune that they use (i´ve also a Digitech Rp100 pedal).... Or it´s just the normal sound for the Ibanez K7 (korn´s guitar) ?????


If anyone can´t comprehend what i mean by "low sound" just download a music like "Blind" on a live concert and you´ll see
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I think it's drop C, (I wouldn't know, don't listen to them, just heard from others) or they use 7 strings, with an added low B string.
Or both.
they use 7 string guitars dropped a step
Same with the bassist and his 5 string

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It's NOT drop c. They tune the top 6 strings down a full-step from standard and the 7th string down to A.
7 string ibanez in 5 steps drop. my second fave band i know everything, almost. bassist has a 5 string dropped 5 steps too.

random but buy korn live and rare its the new album its amazing they cover metallica on it
They also use the octave down setting on their Digitech Whammys for some songs.
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