i decided to do some improv soloing in the style of yngwie while playing along with one of his songs. i didnt include the backing song, because it would sound messed up with both him and i playing, so i only included myself playing. its got the usual yngwie licks in there, with a big long delay, also a yngwie trademark. i tried to keep it within scales he uses as well.

P.S. i recently saw him in Toronto, on May 15th. it was incredible! he ripped the strings off one of his strats and kept playing the the song! with his teeth and both legs tied behind his back, while blindfolded. no jokes. and he was juggling bearded women too.

oh! almost forgot the link. its called "Yngwie Nonsense" http://j0nnybrav0.dmusic.com
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
man.. u kicked ass! u should put a video... nice! the tone work nice!