Could anyone advise/help me on some Grover locking tuners?
I'm building a custom Ibanez guitar and wondered if they would work s the head stock slopes backwards?

Also, could someone tell me how to use them 'cos I've never even seen one! Does the string wrap around the capstan several times like a normal tuner? And how does it lock?
Is it worth the £22 ($40ish) i can get a set for?

i think its worth it, i have them on my epiphone and i barely ever ever have to tune, and the only reason i do tune is because of string stretchage...so i think you sould get them..and about the other thing you asked, im not sure.
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I have Sperzel, Grover, and Planetwaves locking tuners on my guitars. Not one performs any better than the other in terms of keeping the guitar in tune. Grover will cost 1/2 the price of the other big names and work just as well. When it comes to tuning action, all have a super-precise 18:1 turn ratio except the Sperzels which have a coarse 12:1 ratio.

All except the Sperzel should fit as direct replacements for standard tuners and require no extra drilling or fitting to install them. They do come in a couple of sizes though, so you should probably measure your headstock thickness to see which you need. Sperzels will require extra drilling of the headstock and will leave the old screw hole visible.

Personally, I like the Planetwaves since they automatically cut the excess string off at the tuning peg, saving you from having to cut the excess yourself and having sharp string ends left over.
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