....im gonna get a valve king i thought i had my mind made but then i thought about the 3 differnt versions

(50watt 112 combo) (100watt 212 combo) (100watt stack)


what is the best route in terms or features the 100 combo has like a presence switch or something. im not exactly gonna be filling the stadiums eather just the odd jam session

last thing: it has 2 imputs , is this for some uber tech dual bass/trebble guitar split cable
or is it for 2 people to play at once

dude's any advice....

would one sound better over the other like the head over the combo ?
i personally prefer the sound of a 112 over anytihng but for general use and practicallity if your gigging i would say the 212, simply becuase its loud and a stack is hell to carry around...and i dunno what the two inputs are for ive never tried a valveking, tremolo and standard mabes?
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If I were you I would go with the 212. It's cheaper than the 100 and a cab and sounds almost identical. I'd go with the 212 over the 112 because of the more air being pushed by two speakers and their is more of a fullness in the sound. Both the 212 and the 100 have a presence controls, a resonance control, and an impedance selector while the 112 does not. I'm not sure if the 2 speakers are in stereo, but I doubt it. The two input jacks (High and Low Gain) are used depending on the output of your pickups. The Low-Gain output is 10 dB softer than the High-Gain. But unless you have an ultra powerful pickup (EMG, X2N, Warpig, etc...) you should just use the High-Gain input. The Valveking is an extremely loud amp, and you may not be able to get the tube-saturated distortion out of it at low volumes.
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