last night a downloaded a good drum machine demo that i really like and my parents wont let me buy it over the internet and i dont know where else to buy it, so do you think by using jof1029's amp>mic in i can go from head phone jack in my computer to the mic in on my computer?
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wait, how are you using my amp? you kinda confused me with a bit of that. if all you are asking is if you can run a cable from line out/headphone out to line in and record like that, yes you can. another option is if you are using audacity. it has a feature that you can record whatever is being sent to your speakers. just set the input at the top to stereo mix and then hit record. hit play on whatever program you are using and whatever sound comes from there, should be recorded in audacity. ive used that to record songs from online radio before, and while it isnt perfect sounding it still works.
you can acutally do this with any recording software i think. Just create a new track, arm if for recording, and set the input to you stereo soundcard, and then hit record and play whatever you want to record, and your gold.