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Ibanez GRG170DX
13 37%
15 43%
squier Obey
7 20%
Voters: 35.
which guitar would you recomend?

Ibanez GRG170DX




Squier® Obey HSS Stratocaster


im lookin at buying a enw guitar and i dont know which one i should buy. any help?
Ibanez.or squire. At least its not agathis
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LTD I had this one for 2 months and it sounded good with a Duncan CustomCustom in the bridge. It was just too bright for my tastes but the neck(pretty thin) and action was good and at least it has a chance of staying in tune unlike teh Ibanez after a few divebombs. The worst thing for a beginning player is to be out of tune all the time. It had a really unique clean tone with the stock L100 neck and Custom Custom bridge pups on at the same time.
Dude, I would seriously say the LTD. I have the exact Ibanez you are talking about, and I must say, it's pretty durable, but it lacks in tone...I'd say LTD, but not by much, they are pretty much the same guitars...
I'd get the Ibanez instead of a squier, i just find that the FAT10 bridge is easier to adjust rather than a vintage trem, the vintage trem allows you to adjust each strings height independantly but the FAT10 doesnt. Eventually, both wont hold tunings as well as a guitar with double locking system.

Seriously, you could just add another $40 and buy yourself a great guitar, Ibanez RG321MH.
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