Im slightly confused

The Gibson SG special is about 900 bucks

But the Gibson SG special faded is about 600 bucks

What's the difference?

I went to Gibsons website and it has the exact same specs for both.

Does the faded use a more common form of mohogony? or is the paint on it that much cheaper? or what?

Could someone give me an answer lol
I think it just has a cheaper finish.
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one is faded.... one isnt
Cheaper finish. I've got a faded. If your looking for an SG, the faded is a great guitar.
The paint job. It's not too bad though. I own one, and it's pretty badass
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I own the normal SG special. Personally I like it better than the faded. But I could see how for 300 dollars you may be able to live with a brand new guitar that looks like it's old....
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