what valves are good for heavy rock/metal for a valve king , doing lots of recon an valve kings

help me vavle noob htanx
^ Seconded, JJ makes the best 6L6s on the market. As for preamp tubes go with JJ 12AX7s or if you can afforf it some Telefunkens, They have lots of gain and mids which can make any amp sound beautiful, especially for metal. Unfortunately, they cost about $50 each where as the JJs are only $10.
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I have a 2x12 combo. I put the following tubes in;

V1 - Tung-sol 12ax7
V2 - Tung-sol 12ax7
Phase Inverter - JJ 12at7
Power Section - JJ 6L6gc's
Speakers - 2 12" Eminence Swamp Things

This gave me very high gain, but also smoothed out the dirty channel. Way better than stock.
I was under the impression that JJ's only matched tubes, ah well.

Tungsol's are really musical and pleasing, I'd put one in V1. I'm a fan of EHX branded tubes for higher gain.
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At minimum, put a tung sol preamp tube in the first position. JJ preamp tubes are very dark sounding...a lot of people hear that and say "SWEET", but it's only good in moderation...if you use all JJs in the preamp, it sounds like mud. Put a Tung sol in V1 (or all of them) and you'll be good to go.

As far as output tubes go, I'd recommend JJ, ElectroHarmonix, Sovtek...
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I don't like Sovteks in any position. I'd just use JJ power tubes.
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