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DiMarzio Split P
3 33%
Seymour Duncan SPB-3
3 33%
Other (please specify)
3 33%
Voters: 9.
I'm not a bassist, but I'm refinishing my P bass copy, and upgrading all the electronics, so I figured a switch of pups would be worth it. I like Steve Harris' tone from Iron Maiden and Roger's tone from Less Than Jake, and I play both punk and metal, as well as other variations of rock (especially prog rock). I like having solid lows and twangy highs. Help please?
I think the DiMarzio Split P 127 will be best for you I think...The 2 humbuckers rather than one split single coil will give you a heavier tone while definitely adding more midrange and high end punchy brightness...sound...anyways, the Seymour Duncans would be better for obtaining a deeper, mellower tone I think...Both pickups can go both ways but the DiMarzios would do the twangy higher sounds better than the Duncans...and seeing as how you play punk and metal I'd say definitely go with the Split Ps...Although I've never had any firsthand experience with them I'd recommend them over the Duncans for your style...

also, I found it kind of interesting that this pickup actually extends your low and high end response...So now if your playing in Drop C (or B) you wont get the farty distorted noises when your amp is nearly maxed out and the sound wont clip when your playing crazy upper register solos like Sheehan...BTW Billy Sheehan uses this pickup...I saw that on a review...Im not sure if its true though...

you can read some reviews of the Split Ps here
and here

hope this helps
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Billy Sheehan uses the DiMarzio Will Power Middle, which is based on the Split-P.

I recommend DiMarzio.