ok at the end of November Rain right before the ending solo slash does some mutes followed by a c5 chord, then more mutes, then c5 again repeat

on the mutes he gets a very CHUNK CHUNK and the C5 chords has the sound of (somewhat) an engine starting.

now when i do it.... i get the sound of a pick going over bunch of strings like like

FLip flip flip followed by a c5 chord (the c5 chord doesnt sound bad, but it doesnt sound like slashes c5)

one theory i have is that im using strings that are 2 thin i use .10s

anything i might be doing wrong?
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im pretty sure slash used to use 10's but he now uses 11's, try to hit the bottom 3 strings, that might help
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its his amp trust me, but thicker strings do help, but yeah his amp helps the sound alot, muting sounds very bad on a solid state amp imo, but i just got some 12's an they sound alot better muted then the 9s i had
He might be muting right behind the 3rd fret, that seems to be the best way to get a deep chug mute.
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