it's that time again i finaly got off my lazy arse and decided to update my pickup FAQ again (hey it is nearly a year since it's last one!) so submit your reviews to this thread as usual and in the usual format (included below for the newbies) thanks guys and remember only pickups you've used and don't plagerise as it's me that will get the crap not you

Seymour Duncan Custom

The Custom is a ceramic magnet pickup that was designed to sound like a "PAF on steroids." It has that grind that the original 50's Les Paul humbuckers were known for, but more power to provide more thump. It's great if you want to give a Les Paul a little extra kick, or if you want to round out the tone of something thin like an Ibanez RG. If you like mids, the Custom is for you. It's warm and smooth with just enough lows and highs to keep things interesting. It's great for a variety of styles but best suited for strait up rock.

I use the Custom in the bridge position of my thick basswood bodied Schecter 006 Deluxe. I have the covered version, and combined with the basswood, it gives me a very warm, smooth sound. In a mahogany bodied guitar it would probably sound a little more raw. It's actually fairly mellow when played clean, but things really get rocking when you turn up the gain. Sounds great for anything from Velvet Revolver to AC/DC. I have mine wired to a potentiometer that lets me gradually shut off one of the coils, providing me with an endless combination of sounds. Overall, this is a fantastic pickup.

Suited For: Any kind of rock
Tone: 5/5
Versatility: 3/5
Overall: 4.5/5