Ok my current guitar is a rip-off gibson, I am sure of this since most gibsons are 1000usd and up and mine was 200 and plut mine sounds like crap.

Now I do not have crazy amounts of money so please tell me a decent guitar in the 300-600 dollar range?

I'm not a big fan of hollow bodies so just getting that out of the way
(Everybody, say it with me) What type of music do you play?
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Meh I'm a fan of all types grunge, metal, that kind of stuff

I was thinking of getting an ibanez, friend reccomendation
maybe an ibanez RG or SZ. maybe look at some jacksons. just play some and figure out what you like.
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get an HSS strat if you dont get an american version runs around 600 and it is also probably the most diverse in styles its able to play
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Yeah I saw that on a site I thought about one of those

Idk it'll be at the end of summer when I can peice the money together