Ok I use Audacity recording software. I was wondering if there is any way to import jam tracks for practicing along with. Also I use my guitar straight through the cables and pedals directly into my oc, would it be better to run it through my amp first then into my pc, or how should I do it.
Go to "project" and then "import audio" and select the audio file and it puts it in so u can record/play alongside it
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whenever I do that it imports it as this quick audio fuzz thing that I cant explain. I dont know how to fix that if someone could help that would be great
i use Audacity too, but idk how to import jam tracks
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drag and drop, just drag the file into the program window, into a new project, and into the place where the track will be...

is this working alright?
I tried that too, and everytime I try to import it just shortens it down to nothing. It goes from a 5 minute track down to less then a second. Its just a quick buzz noise and thats it. Its almost like it doesnt import the whole song.
i dont know what does that, but ive had it happen to me as well. i think that it may happen when you try to import a file type that audacity does not recognize. i just tried a couple different things and they worked ok, but then when i tried to use something i downloaded off the i-tunes music store it was just static and a high pitched squeal. so maybe you cant use certain file formats. im really not sure tho.
There site says it only supports WAV files. Is there anywhere that I can go on the net to find some decent WAV file jam trax?
Extra tip for Audacity users. You can download a free MP3 to .WAV converter and then use existing MP3 tracks you already have.
since this is an audacity thread :

i have a problem where when i record a riff, its 101.25% as fast as it should be.

so if i recorded a 60 second riff, it does it all in like 59.2 seconds or w.e, and it goes outta sync and i hate it so bad

any1 else get this and know how to fix this?
You could try and reduce the speed. I've noticed that when I have imported (long) mp3 song files.
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