Has anyone heard of this man?

I saw him the other night on the city and colour tour and he is a brilliant bloke

very electro-like, kinda radiohead-ish, keyboards, and all sorts

he put on a brilliant set.

he's also a bloody nice bloke, i met him and he signed his split EP with Metronomes on Gravity Dip Records and he was soo approachable, really funny and just great.

I highly recommend him to you all.

I saw Rob was listening to him the other day, hadn't heard of him other than that though. Will check out.
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Wow. How has this thread been here for 4 days without me noticing?

Yes, Jon. Good band. I'm a litle confused actually, because on this site that I use for all my hardcore/metal reviews and recommendations, they had this review of the split EP (which in itself is strange enough given the sorts of albums that surrounded it on the list) and the reviewer mentioned that Jacbo's Stories was a four-piece. But then you see him live, go to the MySpace and see the copyright on the back of the split vinyl with Good Morning Captain and it seems to suggest it's just Stuart. Odd.

And I really enjoyed it live, it was really chilled out and atmospheric. He has a really gentle voice and was really down to earth about everything. He was making jokes and sort of laughing at himself without being too loud, and then off-stage he was really chatty and signed a couple of things for me (it was my birthday :p. Nice bloke and nice EP.

Andrew if you want to try and listen to/get hold of a song, try 'A Ghost Among Us'. That's my favourite off the Metronomes split. The EP itself is probably fairly cheap anyway, but if you want to try it then go for that track. I can even send it to you if you can't get it anywhere.