Wow how awesome are the new anti rust elixers?. My strings used to corrode every month but these stay as good as new for 4-5months!. Good Job!.
cool maybe i should get me some of those. i havent changed the strings on my guitar since i bought it, and that was three years ago!
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Wow, I just put some on my guitar about 5 hours ago. They're really nice, they play pretty well. If they stay good for as long as you say, they're the only kind I'm going to use from now on.
they are the only strings I use. They cost twice as much but last four times as long
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Yeah, I've had my set on for over ten weeks (lost count) and they are still silver. They get dings in them before they lose thier tone. Definatly worth the money. And they feel nice for the first few weeks. They are a bit too bright out of the pack, but they rock after a week.
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It took you guys long enough to realize that they're the best strings ever.
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Yes, they totally kick Ernie Ball Slinkies (i really hate them)

I got .011s to .049s, very metallic and bright for the first week, then it rocks