I did a search for this band, but nothing came up. I wondered what every one's opinion of them is.

if you haven't heard of them..

www.myspace.com/decapulet listen and read.

They are a duo from california(or arizona). Both of them do a series of effects and instruments on their albums, and they have a live band as well. They are pretty much unheard of, but what they do is amazing, in my personal opinion. What do you say, we get together and throw their name out for the world to hear. These guys want to go big, they love what they do, and I know that if they went big, they'd never change their sound unless they wanted too.

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I've listened to them a bit since you talked about them so much andd I must say, I'm quite impressed. I like them quite a bit.
they're allright. I didn't ear any of those effects you talk about though
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