ey, im a 14 year old bassist, i learn double bass and i teach myself electric bass from tabs. i can play songs like higher ground- red hot chili peppers and hysteria-muse. i was just after a few songs i could learn in that difficulty range. cheers
iron maiden. period.
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you know you're a bassist when your GF loves you for your fingering technique
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iron maiden. period.

This man speaks the truth. Wrathchild, Killers, etc.
Primus- Mr.Krinkle, not hard but played on an upright.
Sea of Lies by Symphony X has a nice bass intro.
Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams And American Idiot's Solos!!!! Those Are Soooo Good!!!
Funk #49

It has one of the best and sometimes the most underrated bass lines of all time.