Alright. Yes I was the one who posted the other post prs or esp thingy but w/e. Do you think that if I got a Gibson SG Standard from music 123 in white and switched the pickups to emg 81/60 and got like schalkler or some other brand (don't really care) locking tuners-gold and a tone pros locking bridge and tailpeice-gold. Wouldn't that look badass and sound sick? I mean you cannot deny the white SG gold hardware. plus emgs. If you do or don't discuss. Thank you.
Dont do gold hardsware it sucks! Do black chrome or standard chrome it look much better. Black chrome would look baddass with black covered emg's.
what color would the body be?
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Sperzel locking tuners, a TonePros locking bridge, and EMGs would certainly make it a hell of an instrument.

Or you could just buy an ESP/LTD Viper 1000.