I have a Fender Frontman 25DSP
this one

and it's decent, it has a lot of amp modeling effects you could say and somedays I'm ecstatic about it because it sounds great then others, like today, it sounds completely different and I'm just so frustrated.
All I really want is a nice sweet clean tone. I'm not into metal or hard rock or anything like that.. and won't miss distortion/gain (especially if it isn't a great gain/distortion) and could always get the BOSS OS-2 for overdrive/distortion.. Should I trade up?
Is there anything that's drastically better in the FENDER lineup (sorry no other brands atm) with better tone?
I'm thinking about this one even though it has basically NO features

I have one day to decide (one day to return the amp to guitar center.. probably gonna wait a few more days to decide on a different amp, maybe guitar center's memorial day sale)
The pro junior is a great amp it is like a miniature bassman and it is just amazing just because it has no features doesnt mean anything it is a great amp and i definally trade and plus its tube so it will sound great for cleans.
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Would replacing the speaker with something better make a noticeable difference in this amp (the 25FMDSP)? the amp has a lot of nice effects/models but the speaker is some "Fender Tested"
1-10" Fender® Special Design 8 ohm Speaker, p/n 0994810003