he also said bass was a downgrade from regular guitar. and while he can shred like none other, he cant write rythmic riffs.

is the solo really easy? just video google search The Awakening to see the vid.
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yeah I know, my bass cost about 1500 and my amp 100.
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Your Friend was certainly wrong about the 2nd part bass makes a band sound better. i dont even play bass but its very easy to tell but as far as the solo some people dont like the sound of something and say its easy. ie one of my friends told me the As I Am guitar solo was easy because he hates speed licks.
i think thats poop abou the bass a downgrade from guitar.

i play both and

its apples and oranges.

the solo doesnt look that hard, if you can slap good, but i probably couldnt play it, cause i cant slap except for some rhcp stuff

Les Claypool owns; his stuff is much harder than your "genius" friend seems to think.
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Hey That dude whoever ur friend is should be lycnhed for saying DT's As I Am solo is ez i mean wow thats just not smart, and if ur friend can play it then he should be much more popular , as for The awakening its not just super hard but it really depends on what level of playing ur at like its always said music is as hard as u make it.
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its the slap technique that makes that solo hard, aside from that, its not too complicated, so ur friend is right on some level, but then again he probably doesnt understand slap bass all that much.
I don't think the solo is that hard. If I ever get the software for my US-122 installed again I'll see if I can record it.
the only real difficulty in the awakening is that it has 3 parts to it, a simple slap part, a fingerstyle part, and an advanced slap part. the last part is quite difficult, but its nothing an experienced slap player couldnt handle. its a good slap excersize.
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