hey guys im buying a new guitar, looking to spend around 1000 to 1500. I was looking at the Gibson J-180EC http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/GibsonJ180ECSpecialAcousticElectricGuitar?sku=517175. Aswell as the Taylor 410 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Taylor410DreadnoughtAcousticGuitar?sku=514979. Any suggestions or experiences or even any ideas of what you think is better for my buck would be appreciated. Thanx
try finding an ovation if ur gonna get an acoustic. tried it along with a martin and a gibson at huge Guitar Chain In Atlanta (any1 know name i cant remeber it) The Ovation kicked their ass.
the j180ec is really similar to the takamine eg523sc. you should check that out also. its cheaper though
^-- i'd get that taylor over the gibson but that's just me. the taylor has a solid top, solid back, and solid sides. the gibson just has a solid top. the taylor is a dreadnought while that gibson is a jumbo body and so is the takamine that crocken reccomended... so it depends alot on what body style guitar you want. the dreadnought is a tad more versatile though. but as a general rule you usually want to get the most solid wood you can for your buck. if you are thinking you would rather have the gibson anyway i would definitely check out that takamine that crocken reccomended. i played one once in a guitar center and i was pretty fond of it. my takamine 12 string is also the exact same as that 6 string he reccomended and the 12 sounds really great. so yeah give the tak a try if you are really set on wanting a jumbo... if not i would reccomend the taylor though.
I've played several Gibsons and haven't been impressed with any of them. Taylors are a very nice option in that price range, and the D16 by Martin is also very nice and within that price range.

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