K. Ive got myself a dilemma.
Ive come into 750 dollars recently.
Guitar center is having a HUGE sale on monday and the guy I buy from promised me he could get me a floor model B52 halfstack for 700, or 9-10 different pedals, Or a Schector Hell raiser in Black cherry with a floyd rose, Or to make it even harder a Dean Exotica flame maple top 12 string.

Right now my rig is, in order.
Schector C1+ w/ JB and Jazz combo.
Dunlop Crybaby from hell.
Boss DS1
Boss Phaser
Dan electro Echo
Dan electro Chorus
Noise gate
Boss compressor
Vox 25 watt Tube combo. Old as hell and used.
Thats run through a 2x12 cabnet.

Ive got a pretty Decent Rig. But I really want a B52 amp, Its the AT100. Its got a rectifier that does a decent impression of a Mesa boogie. An overdrive that can range from Classic rock to Metal and it just sounds amazing.
Then, My amp already sounds nice. And I'd really dig a pedal board. I'd be getting a Set of Electroharmonix Pedals. With Powersources and Patch cables. 9 in all for 600.
Then he offered up a C1 hellraiser with a floyd rose. Active EMG's. 85/81 set. Depending on how much I pay, I'd put those in my current guitar and switch to the Zakk wylde set in that one.
To make it an even harder decision he told me about that Dean 12 string. Its the most gorgeous acoustic guitar ive ever seen. Without the slightest exaggeration.

Its hard, because Im a pedal junky, I dig Tube tone and my bands got our first gig in 2 weeks. I love shred guitar and I also play acoustic and sing sometimes.

So input on these choices, or Other choices.
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Personally id go for the pedals, not really into b-52's so much fromw hat ive tried
Epi Zakk Wylde LP
Schecter C1 Elite
Fender 70's Strat
Orange AD30 Head w/Orange 412 Cab
Fender Hot Rod De-Ville 2x12
Various Pedals
Line 6 Spider II and get the cabinet made for it ive got one it kicks ass. but dont get without cabinet this one unlike marshalls ive played you need cabinet the head doednt have speakers. the first few months i had it i couldnt play it cuz i had no cabinet.
If it were me I'd go with the amp, but it's your money spend it where you think you need it most.
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f your happy with your rig as it is why dont you just getanother guitar?
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I'd also go for the amp....though the B-52 is not the best amp, at that price, it is a pretty good deal!

If you love tube tone, I'd get rid of most of the pedals you have....they're definitely sucking your tone.

You have a great guitar....you don't need another one.

After you get the B-52, you can sell the old amp and cab....I'd also get rid of the compressor and DS-1.....you won't need them on the new amp.

If you really want some new pedals from there, you have cash from your gear sold. Or trade in right when you buy...that way, GC will give you a better deal when you buy it all at once.
The only reason Im not snatching up the guitar right away is because Ive already got one in the exact same color. Just without the EMG's, that I could easily add. and the Floyd rose.

I think Im going to go with the amp, I know I dont NEED 100 watts. But I like the distortion sound much more, and 25 watts isnt quite sufficient for a larger room.

I went in to see how much I could get for my Wah pedal the other day actually, and they only offered me thirty five for it, Ive got all the parts and everything including the receipt, Instructions, Torque adjustment tool and the box. Its in absolutely perfect condition. Its still got the plastic layer on the bottom. : /
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The #1 member of the club that isn't terribly predjudiced against emo. Get over yourselves.
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And part of Fortysix and twos Defenders of Emo club.

" Zach_F I love you for that."
Wow Im going to the sale for a new Bass anyways, I would go with the amp. Because you already know what pedals to play for each song and you got a nice guitar like everyone says AMP>GUITAR and you got a variety of pedals. Bigger amp everyone will hear you at your gig. GOOD LUCK!