Okay I have been playing guitar for about 2 1/2 years and I joined a band about 6 months ago. I only have this gay little 10 watt practice amp. I need a good amp and I need help. Should I get a valve amp or what? I need suggestions thanx
why do u need a bigger amp.. consider u r only played for 2 years(newbie).. my opinion is u dont need a bigger amp.. for self practicing, 10 watt will do just fine. unless u r talking about practicing in a garage with ur band members. i've been playing for 6 years now(without band) and i hv only 15 watt amp. if u get a bigger amp, u'll blow ur neighbours away..

hope this help..
wow i feel like a nerd now ive barely played a year and i have a Line 6 Spider II stack. Your gonna definetly need a stack if your playing in a band or you wont be heard. Ive Never Been in a band but im constantly around people that are (not talkin about the site)
^Not true....I've been playing for 2 years 3 months, and I own a mesa dual recto, in addition to alot more. My neighbors have never complained, and I use the amps power all the time.

If you need the power, go right ahead.

What is your current rig, what tones are you looking for, and what is your budget?
I can work with about $250 and I play rock, alternative, punk, thrash, metal, any type of rock I can play
You don't have to have a stack, a loud combo would probably do you just fine. Like I'm savin up for a Peavey 6505, hella nice man.
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if you only have $250 your screwed because you cant afford anything better than you got. if i were you i would either 1. Quit being a Cheap @$$ and buy a stack
or 2. only play in Your Garage and never play gigs until you get a stack
or 3. Get the hell out of the band! cause do you actually think anyones gonna hear you out of a little 10 watt practice amp?
Yeah, wiht 250 you cant' get very good tube amps. Maybe if oy usave up a couple hundred you coudl ebay a pignose g40v or osmething. Otherwise a roland cube 30 or a vox ad30vt coudl work. It wont' be loud enough for band rehearsals (unless tehy play quiet) but it'll sound x1100 better then your current amp.
Well I'm 14 so I dont really have much income. I still live with my parents and they only allow me to spend so much. I have around $1200 but I'm only allowed to spend like $250
christ people, rip him a new one for having a small amp.

250 will get you something like a cube30 or a vox ad30vt with some soda change left.

you may not be heard WELL over loud members but you will be known.

a Stack just to be Heard? bs.