Hey all. My acoustic electric isn't giving off any output when plugged in anymore. It uses an under the saddle pickup. The only change I've made to my guitar prior to finding out that it gives no output anymore is I sanded the saddle down a little bit to give it lower action. I read that the saddle had to be in contact with the pickup but there's aoubt a 1/32'' gap between the bottom of the saddle and the bottom of the pickup. I tried shimming it to make it contact that way but it still isn't working... Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.

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Try tapping on the saddle, when your plugged up, turn up the volume and all that junk. If you still can't hear anything it might be an electronic problem.
make shure the thing is level- saddle*

it needs total contact to ground teh strings and worp properly* i think*

id suggest sading the saddle so its perfectly flat- then if that dont work- buy a new saddle
Well, even if the saddle is touching it minimally, it will make a sound. So if you get soudn when you tap on the saddle it's probabaly jsut the saddle which I have no clue how oy ugot it to suspend above teh piezo. If it doesn't make any noise, then there's somethign wrong with the preamp most likely.