What Am I getting in the podxt that im not getting in the toneport ux2?
you can use the pod xt live if you want to, but you have to buy a pedal for it to make it easier. You have to change all the models and stuff on a tiny screen where as the toneport you can link it to your computer and edit it all on your screen making it alot easier but it can only be used for recording on your pc, not in any live situation.
podxt= guitar recording for most part

tone- limited gutiar recording, vocal recording, bass, drum etc...

Podxt is meant for guitar. It has 40 amp models and like 12 cab models and effects for guitar etc . If you're just recording for guitar then i would take the podxt.
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pod xt and the toneport have the same models, theyre both line 6 and if you check the website they share the same models, the quality is the same, i had pod and i have a toneport now, theyre the same quality in terms of recording, if anything i prefer the toneport but thats because its easier to use and i know how to use it.