ok, i was thinking about gettin a toneport, because ive been playing for a year now, and havent recorded anything, but i was wondering what other hardware/software youd recomment.
should i get the toneport or something else (specify)

anyone own the toneport, what do you think of it?

thank you
i owned the ux2 (but sold it cause i work too much to find time to record...) and i loved it, make sure your computer can handle it though. for recording, i just use audacity, its free and very easy to use... but the toneports come with all the software you need to record
The tone port is alright, takes a while to dial in a decent sound. But I'd only buy it if yo uneed hte amp modeling. If you don't, then take a look at a presonus firebox. And I think both interfaces coem with a copy of some sort of recording program.
how do i figure out what my drive speed is??

i exceed the requirements on all other things, but i cant find the drive speed....

EDIT: and oh, i forgot, if you recommend somehting else, id like it too be around or less than 150 USD
most hard drives are 7200rpm unless you are using a laptop
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I have a UX1, it's great. Very usable, very versatile. Check my DMusic for clips I've recorded, judge the sound quality for yourself- if it's not got a spoken intro, it's from the Toneport. Spoken intros were recorded with a crappy mic, before I got the TP.
^ ive listned to your dmusic before, and liked what i heard, i think ill get this, after a few more posetive posts....
^Should be able to, yeah, since you can plug a mic into the guitar input...
also you'll need a male xlr connection since two females don't really connect. they can only rub up against each other.