hey there guys. as some of you guys no i finally got some recording gear so i decided to record this song because it brings back awesome memories! tell me what you guys think and how i could improve.. hows the mixing? Im running through a traynor ycv50, and a fender tele hh with dimarzios... recorded with a peavey pv6 and sm57. took me all day to record this lol

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Well thats was interesting to say the least. Really good performance. I felt that the mixing coud have used some work. Both guitars could have used a shaper tone and the lead guitar should have been more front and center.

sounded just like i remembered it. Totally nostalgic. thanks.
now i wanna learn it.

edit: did you play it by ear or is there a correct tab?
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that was an incredibly crisp performance, the guitars and drums all lineup well, i really enjoyed it
Haha awesome job man. Sounded great!
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Nice cover man. I always wondered how this song would sound on a real guitar.

Btw, Where did you get a drum track like that?