i don't mean to sound like a noob, but too bad, can't help it.

Anyway, today i brought a tremelo arm for ym Samick Strat Copy, and i've put it in and everything, and the bastard doesn't work. I'm positive it's not a fixed bridge, and I'm positive its a floyd Rose.

Any comments?
pictures may help, if its a strat copy then im guessing its just a normal 2 point trem system like on fenders etc. Does your guitar have a locking nut at the the top of the fretboard at the base of the headstock
can't post pictures, well not of my exact guitar. might find one of the net somewhere. It doesnt have a locking nut. Can't figure out why it would have a trem arm hole but not able to use it.
are you screwing it in correctly and pushing the trem arm towards the body? Bear in mind that as it is only a cheap strat copy that it wont hold tune very well when you do use it.
i understand it wont hold properly, its just for a small performance at school, we're doing "for whom the bell tolls" metallica, and i need the trem for the outro. so its only like a one-time thing. And if you look at it face on, im screwing it on in a clockwise motion. is tht not right?
are you trying to lower or raise the pitch? It aint a Floyd Rose from what you've said considering it's a samick strat and there's no locking nut, on a lot of those strat knock offs you can only lower the pitch, not pull it sharp. Also if you've never used it before you might need to give it a pretty solid push to get it freed up and moving.
yea thats the right way, just screw it in until it doesnt wanna go in anymore, then position it hanging over your volume + tone pots so its easier to reach. I cant help anymore because i have to go for an exam now. I hope you work it out, its an easy enough thing to do
thanx for your help man. good luck for the exam. i should go study for mine myself.
I have a samick strat copy too, it has a wilkinson tremolo and mine works just fine and stays in tune (for classic rock stuff, no divebombing PERIOD) . try moving it up and down and please dont rock it too hard if you're unsure. dont want the damn thing snapping.
Try loosening the claw's screw until you can easily down-pull dive. If you want it to be set up in a 2-way motion, simply loosen the claw's screw until the bridge is leveled 1/8" preferably. Loss of tuning will be a pain coz you dont have double locking mechanism.
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i have it working now. it was the screws, the were too tight, and i hadn't really used it before. and i only presumed it was floyd rose, can't say im an expert on tremelo. Sorry to mislead you all like that. Thanx for your help!