How do these work without a mid knob..
like would it be the equivalent to an amp with the mid knob always set at 5? 10? something else?

Does one really need a mid knob, on an amp such as a Deluxe Reverb reissue by Fender?

Would one get an equalizer pedal/stompbox to make up for the lack of a mid (would it be a good idea to get one of these anyway?)? And if so, what do you do with the treble/bass knobs, set them to 10? some other setting?

Also here's a specific example. Assuming I used the Fender 65 DRRI for other stuff but occasionally wanted to emulate Jimi Hendrix, could I get reasonably close with
1) equalizer of some sort
2) Boss OS-2 (Overdrive/Distortion pedal combo)
3) Maybe a good wah pedal

or would more be needed?

EDIT one more question:
With an Overdrive/Distortion pedal, when you look at settings like on the ultimate settings thread, where it says gain.. how do you equate that to an O/D setting?
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as far as a pedal goes if you wanna sound like hendrix, then I've heard good stuff about the digitech experience hendrix pedal.

Personally I love having the mids knob on my amp
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Amps without a mid control will probably have a resistor in place to tame the mids slightly, as if it were a dial at about 5 or 6. It's normally just voiced to give a nice even mid setting, but techincally they could set it to however they want- ie no mids or every high mids. An Eq pedal is always a good idea, IMO, and with an overdrive pedal you could probably get a pretty decent hendrix sound, but it depends on your guitar and amp, really. I don't know much about that amp, but i'd hazard a guess and say that you could get hendrixy sounds out of it. A fuzz pedal would give you a nice solo tone, but then you didnt ask for that so there's no need to mention it...
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I have a Stratocaster so check there for Jimi's axe but I want to stick with Fender clean tube amps in the future since that's more of the sound I want, with the ability to diversify later on